About Semi-ksha

Semiksha is a deep technology company in semiconductors chips and Embedded product space. Our slogan is product development in Mechatronics and IoT sector is to create value for the Indian and overseas markets to make a social, technological, and industrial impact. The journey started as semiconductor service company in the year of 2019 but due to the pandemic hit our focus was redirected to product development. We are SoC/ASIC Chipset development company in Tier II City with strong conviction, clear vision, validated roadmap, stable team & determination. we are humble to take a significant part in the Indian semiconductor revolution.

Our Mission

“Execute product cycle in untouched simple product market to bring most valuable, leading-edge technologies of semiconductor and embedded with likeminded professionals to pursue instrumental role in Make in India”


"To be the pioneering force that revolutionizes the semiconductor and embedded technology landscape in India by executing product cycles in untapped, simple product markets. We aspire to become the beacon of innovation, delivering the most valuable, leading-edge technologies while fostering a community of likeminded professionals who play an instrumental role in the 'Make in India' initiative. Our vision is to drive sustainable growth, elevate technological excellence, and establish India as a global hub for semiconductor and embedded technology innovation."

Sustainable Energy:

Technology plays a crucial role in developing renewable energy sources, such as solar power, wind energy, and hydroelectric power. By investing in clean energy technologies, we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, mitigate climate change, and create a more sustainable future.


Advancements in transportation technology, such as electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and high-speed rail, can make transportation more efficient, eco-friendly, and safe. These innovations can help reduce traffic congestion, lower emissions, and enhance mobility.

Core Domains:

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Wireless domain & IoT products

Mechatronic Products

Medical electronic Products

Environmental Monitoring Products

Our Area of Expertise:

We excel in seamlessly transforming RTL designs into optimized FPGA implementations, with a focus on semiconductor products and embedded solutions. Leveraging our profound understanding of FPGA architecture, design methodologies, and performance optimization strategies, we ensure efficient resource utilization while maintaining design integrity. Our comprehensive approach results in FPGA implementations that not only exhibit superior performance and functionality but also align perfectly with our expertise in semiconductor and embedded products, offering a holistic solution for your technological needs.

Semiconductor products

Embedded Products & Solutions

Our Team

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Our Team

Vijay Gudi:

Founder of SEMI-KSHA Semiconductors Pvt Ltd, established in 2018. 15 years of journey in the semiconductor industry has been a dynamic one, marked by significant accomplishments. He is passionate about creating innovative solutions and have successfully launched two embedded products, been part of 2 test chips, SoC and chip sets. Before founding SEMI-KSHA, he held pivotal roles in renowned companies he was heading as Front-end Manager at Insemi technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, his dedication to the field led to work as a project Manager at Asarva Chips and Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He played a significant role in driving verification processes and strategies. Senior Design Engineer at Interra Systems India Pvt. Ltd. he honed his skills in creating cutting-edge solutions. Prior to that, he served as a Design Engineer at D’gipro Design Automation and Marketing Pvt. Ltd from January 2009 to February 2011, followed by an Application Engineer role from June 2007 to December 2008 at the same company. Throughout my career, he has been part of many multinational companies like Texas instruments, LSI, STMicroelectronics gained core experience in the back end physical design domain.  He is always driven by a passion for innovation, a commitment to excellence, and a desire to push the boundaries of technology in the semiconductor domain.

Pranesh Kulkarni:

He brings over 15 years of distinguished experience as a Hardware Design Engineer and PCB Designer, specializing in the Medical and Consumer Electronics sectors. His expertise encompasses the entire hardware design lifecycle, from requirement gathering and high-level design to schematic design, testing, and debugging. He is proficient in all phases of hardware design, including high-level and detailed design, schematic creation, netlist verification, Bill of Materials generation, and hardware testing. He is adept in the design and development of systems centered around microcontrollers and microprocessors, leveraging their capabilities for innovative solutions.

He is experienced in pre-compliance and compliance testing in accordance with IEC 60601-1, a pivotal standard in the medical device industry. He is well-versed in product safety standards such as IEC 60601-1 and equipped with the knowledge of EMI/EMC compliance testing. He has successfully ensured products meet regulatory requirements. He is knowledgeable in obtaining CE marking for products, indicating compliance with relevant European regulations. He is familiar with RoHS directives (2011/65/EU) concerning hazardous substances. His unwavering commitment to precision, innovation, and adherence to standards has consistently driven the successful creation of cutting-edge hardware solutions.

Girish Hulamani:

With over 17 years of experience, he is a seasoned professional in embedded Linux C development, specializing in Linux Device Drivers and Linux app development. His expertise spans: Linux Proficiency: Mastery in embedded Linux C development, adeptly crafting intricate solutions while adhering to best practices. Extensive experience in Linux Device Drivers development, optimizing hardware-software interaction for seamless operations. Proficient in Python and Bash scripting, enhancing efficiency and automation across projects. Proven competence with QualComm chipsets, contributing to cutting-edge innovations. In-depth understanding of the hardware architecture of Texas Instruments OMAP processor family, facilitating targeted development. Hands-on work on Renesas’s EOS embedded platform within the connectivity domain, reflecting adaptability and diverse skill application. Successful integration and debugging of NXP’s NFC PN547 device driver, showcasing meticulous problem-solving. Proficiency in OpenGLES graphics programming, including familiarity with Imagination’s SGX GPU cores and associated device drivers. Expertise in integrating and prototyping Android and Linux solutions/applications on the TI OMAP platform.Strong grasp of Linux internals, encompassing synchronization, interrupt handling, tasklets, softirqs, and memory management. Adept in Embedded Linux based system development, aligning technology with practical outcomes. My journey underscores a commitment to continuous learning, innovation, and delivering excellence in the realm of Embedded Linux systems. Feel free to personalize this summary to fit your specific purposes and platforms where you intend to showcase your professional expertise.

Dr.Ramakrishna S Joshi 

He holds a distinguished Ph.D. in Wireless Communication, a testament to his dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in this field. With an accomplished 15-year journey, his focus has been on research and product development, particularly in NB-LTE, Machine Vision, and Machine Learning. His domain knowledge encompasses Automotive Electronics bus protocols such as CAN, SPI, LIN, and I2C, as well as an intimate understanding of Sensors and Actuators. These insights empower me to craft solutions that align seamlessly with the automotive industry’s intricate needs. He is specialize in Wireless Communication’s L1 layer, skillfully addressing challenges like Carrier Interference. Proficient in Candidate modulation techniques, LoRA, and NB-IoT, he brings a comprehensive skill set to wireless technology development. he possess the ability to seamlessly integrate Machine Learning into tailored applications, enhancing their capabilities and intelligence. his proficiency extends to PaaS and Saas technologies, enabling adept deployment over cloud platforms like Heroku. This results in scalable, accessible, and contemporary solutions. 

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